Thursday, September 11, 2008

arranged marrianges VS love marriages

What surprises people is the fact that the independent, self-reliant individuals of Generation-Y often look upon their parents to find suitable matches for them. Finding girl/boy friends is easy, finding a wife/husband is serious business! Reason being that the former is temporary while the latter is a lifetime affair. A wrong decision while choosing a bride/groom would mean being stuck in a bad marriage for life. True, divorce is very much an alternative now, but youngsters realize that they will eventually need a partner in their life.

Love marriage, however romantic and attractive it may seem, does have its demerits. The headstrong youngsters misinterpret their romance of a couple of months as pure, undying love and get married. Living together 24X7 makes them see all the things that they do NOT love each other and they realize that they had never been in love. Seeing your marriage fail right before your eyes is the hardest thing ever, especially when you had thought it would work so well…

On the other hand, an arranged marriage might never work at all. Living with someone you have known only for a few months is something almost unimaginable! Also, you may share nothing in common with your partner, may have nothing to talk about. Imagine having to live like that all your life!! Not only will you be unhappy, but also extremely uncomfortable.

Then there are the rare instances when the professed love is true. In those cases, love marriages work and flourish. Shared dreams come true and happiness knows no bounds. Usually love marriages work for those who are extremely dedicated to their relationship and to each other and who are absolutely sure of their choice.

Why is it that the new generation allow and even seek their parents to not just approve of their choice, but also search for someone who will be compatible with them? The reason is simple. The youngsters have a lot of experience in love and relationships. They know that relationships don't always work. They also know that the only people who really care for them are their parents. Parents will never take any decision that is likely to hurt their children. They know very well what their children desire, but more than that they know what they need! This faith and the knowledge that making this decision for their child will give them great happiness leads a person to ask his/her parents to look for a partner for him/her.

Another less commonly admitted reason of why arranged marriages are on the rise is that if the marriage fails they will have someone else to blame. The always-in-control-of-the-situation youngsters do not like to be wrong. They prefer to say "it's all your fault!".

Whatever be the reason, the youth are more inclined towards arranged marriages now as they seem to be thinking that love marriages are less likely to work. They prefer following their parents', rather than their own instinct now.


"RapidKL has more than 100 buses with the OKU logo. Although there are ramps for wheelchairs, the operators do not use them and that attitude causes the disabled to be sidelined from using the public transportation system,"
"RapidKL buses, which are not disabled-friendly although there are signages in the buses which appear to be friendly to the less fortunate".

This is an example about specialty issues of disabled people in Malaysia. We are already achieved independence for 51 years, but why these issues still running out?
Disability is lack of ability relative to a personal or group standard or
spectrum. Disability may involve physical impairment, sensory impairment, cognitive or intellectual impairment, mental disorder (also known as psychiatric disability), or various types of chronic disease
As a normal people, we should give them a priority in what ever conditions we faced.Remember that disabled people also a human being like us! So, please respect them Malaysian.

LuV VS FrIEndSHIp (2)

After reading I realized such things cannot be learnt by reading but through experience. It is not a concept to learn but a feeling to feel. Irrespective of which is great, one thing is , it is related to a feeling that is related to the heart. Whenever we say love, it starts with mother's love. So here is an interesting story, which some body shared with me, long back ago. Mother's love Some body said love is a game! play it. I think they watch tennis too much. Because, it is the only game where we used to hear the word 'love all' ( even though we don't do it i.e. We don't love all). If we go by the spirit of the game 'love all' means the score is zero for both. Are they realized that love is nothing but zero zero state.( starting from empty state)? I do not know. Some body told me that if you want to write an article on love it should be in your mother tongue where you have command over the language. I do not know whether he is right or wrong because we don't love English but make only friendship with English. If we look into the other side of the coin, " all relations are economic relations". This is the famous quote from greatest economic. As a student when I read it first, I thought it is nonsense. After a period of time I realized the reality in it.( some of the readers may not accept this view still, but with experiences they accept the reality). Child'd love: Why do you like children. Do we love them or they love us? That is the power of smile on the face. Is serving is loving? : mother serves though out the day . She loves us but all will not love her. A mother had 10 children. For the mother none of them is burden. But for all children she is a burden.. Then coming to the friendship, tell about your friend I will tell about you. Friendship might be slightly edge over love because of your personality, character, behaviour which depends upon your friends.( some of you may not agree with it, but I have justification. Take an example if someone has friends who do not believe in love more or less he also will have the same opinion. ( but there may be exceptions) Do you believe in love or friendship? Definitely majority will say that they believe in friendship rather than love.( may be because of the past experiences or what is called learning . That may be the reason why I said friendship is greater than the love. Generally many articles start with definitions. Love s great as long as you are giving. Love starts its true colour the moment you start expecting it to receive it. Friendship may defined as giving and taking ( sorry it is not a barter system). Give when there is a need and take when resource is available or you are in need of it.. The value of friendship has come down because we start taking not giving ( of course it doe not expect). You may have many friends and you love only few of them. Love does not expect consideration. True love vs true friendship Of course the title is very catchy. Some of you may say that as long as it is true love it is great. I will also accept the same but there are no word or actions like 'true love' ,'false love' 'not true love'. If it is there , then it is there otherwise it is not there. There is no room for such word like 'true love'. and .'not true love' 'good love' or 'bad love'. The same thing is applicable to friendship also. One of my friends told that the title is itself is wrong because there two are different not at all related together. According him there are there alternatives. First one is love and friendship goes together. Second one is there is two are not all related. Third one is Love Vs Friendship. You may have different views depending upon your experiences. Please add your experience to it and add value to it. May god bless all of us with lot of love and friendship!

LuV vs FrIENdsHiP

Luv can give u 100 reasons to cry, but TRUE FRIENDS can give yOu 1000 ReasonS to SMILE....


A woman as strengths tha amaze men. She can handle trouble & carry heavy burdens. She hold happiness, love & opinions. she smiles when she feels like screaming. she sings when she feels like crying,cries when she's afraid. Her love is unconditional. there's only 1 thing wrong with her, sometimes forgets what she's worth....

KeleBihaN RaMAdhAn......

Bulan Ramadhan merupakan bulan yang mempunyai banyak kelebihan. Kedatangannya selepas dua bulan yang juga tidak kurang keistimewaannya iaitu Rejab dan Sya'ban. Bagi tujuan menyuburkan rasa tanggungjawab dan rasa ingin menambahkan ibadat kepada Allah sepanjang Ramadhan ini, di sini dibawa beberapa hadis yang menceritakan mengenai kelebihannya.

1. Abu Hurairah menyatakan : Telah bersabda Rasulullah S.A.W yang bermaksud : Apabila telah tibanya Ramadhan, dibuka pintu-pintu syurga dan ditutup segala pintu neraka dan diikat segala syaitan. -Hadis dikeluarkan oleh imam Bukhari, Muslim, Nasai'e, Ahmad dan Baihaqi-

2. Daripada Abu Hurairah daripada Rasulullah S.A.W telah bersabda yang bermaksud :Sesiapa yang berpuasa Ramadhan dengan penuh keimanan dan keikhlasan nescaya akan diampuninya segala dosanya yang telah lalu. - Diriwayat oleh imam Nasai'e, Ibn majah, Ibn Habban dan Baihaqi-

3. Abu Hurairah telah berkata : Aku telah mendengar Rasulullah S.A.W bersabda tentang Ramadhan yang bermaksud : Sesiapa yang mendirikannya(Ramadhan) penuh keimanan dan keikhlasan diampunkan baginya apa dosanya yang telah lalu. - Hadis riwayat Bukhari, Muslim, Tarmizi, Abu Daud, Nasai'e,Malik,Ahmad dan Baihaqi-

4. Daripada Abu Hurairah telah berkata: Rasullah S.A.W telah bersabda yang bermaksud : Sembahyang yang difardhukan kepada sembahyang yang sebelumnya merupakan penebus apa antara keduanya, dan Jumaat kepada Jumaat yang sebelumnya merupakan penebus apa antara keduanya, dan bulan kepada bulan(iaitu Ramadhan) merupakan kaffarah apa antara keduanya melainkan tiga golongan : Syirik kepada Allah, meninggalkan sunnah dan perjanjian (dilanggar). Telah berkata Abu Hurairah : Maka aku tahu perkara itu akan berlaku, maka aku bertanya: Wahai Rasulullah! adapun syirik dengan Allah telah kami tahu, maka apakah perjanjian dan meninggalkan sunnah? Baginda S.A.W bersabda : Adapun perjanjian maka engkau membuat perjanjian dengan seorang lain dengan sumpah kemudian engkau melanggarinya maka engkau membunuhnya dengan pedang engkau, manakala meninggal sunnah maka keluar daripada jamaah(Islam).-Hadis riwayat Ahmad, Al-Hakim, dan Baihaqi-

5. Daripada Abi Soleh Az-zayyat bahawa dia telah mendengar Abu Hurairah berkata: Rassullah S.A.W telah bersabda yang bermaksud : Setiap amalan anak Adam baginya melainklan puasa maka ia untukKu dan Aku akan membalasnya. Dan puasa adalah perisai, maka apabila seseorang berada pada hari puasa maka dia dilarang menghampiri(bercumbu) pada hari itu dan tidak meninggikan suara.Sekiranya dia dihina atau diserang maka dia berkata : Sesungguhnya aku berpuasa demi Tuhan yang mana diri nabi Muhammad ditanganNya maka perubahan bau mulut orang berpuasa lebih harum di sisi Allah pada hari qiamat daripada bau kasturi, dan bagi orang berpuasa dua kegembiraan yang mana dia bergembira dengan keduanya apabila berbuka dia bergembira dengan waktu berbukanya dan apabila bertemu Tuhannya dia gembira dengan puasanya. -Hadis riwayat imam Bukhari, Muslim, Nasai'e, Ahmad, Ibn Khuzaimah, Ibn Habban dan Baihaqi-

1. Semua hadis menceritakan betapa besarnya kelebihan bulan Ramadhan untuk kita sama-sama menghidupkannya dengan segala amalan sunnah.

2. Pintu syurga dibuka sepanjang Ramadhan, manakala pintu neraka pula ditutup. Ini menggambarkan bagaimana Allah begitu mengasihani hambaNya yang taat beribadat dan menurut segala perintahNya.

3. Syaitan diikat sepanjang bulan Ramadhan agar kita dapat menunaikan segala ibadat dengan penuh keikhlasan. Tetapi kita perlu ingat bahawa kawan syaitan yang berada pada diri kita iaitu nafsu akan menggantikan tugas syaitan jika kita lalai.

4. Pentingnya keikhlasan dan keimanan kita dalam menunaikan ibadat.

5. Puasa mampu menjadi perisai diri daripada terjebak ke lembah maksiat, begitu juga ia mampu menghapuskan segala dosa-dosa yang lepas jika kita benar-benar bertaubat.

6. Kita mesti menghidupkan sunnah yang mana yang paling besar ialah berada dalam jemaah Islam terutama di dalam mengembalikan semula khilafah Islamiah yang telah lama dihancurkan iaitu pada 1924.

7. Jauhkan daripada syirik pada Allah sama ada berbentuk perbuatan, niat ataupun percakapan. Kita mesti mematuhi segala perjanjian yang dibuat selagi tidak melanggar hukum syarak.

8. Kita mesti berpuasa pada semua anggota bukannya pada makan dan minum sahaja.

9. Bau mulut orang berpuasa lebih harum daripada bauan kasturi.

10. Orang berpuasa akan mengecapi dua kegembiraan iaitu ketika berbuka dan apabila bertemu Allah kelak.

11. Di dalam menunaikan ibadat puasa kita mesti banyak bersabar dan jangan suka berbual kosong apatah meninggikan suara apabila bercakap.


About 5:30p.m i and my mum went to bazaar ramadhan to buy some food for our open fasting . about 150 m from the place, my car broken down. The tempreture is very high. Luckyly it happened near the workshop. I went to the workshop and ask for help. The mechanic ask me to leave out my car at the workshop. At last i and my mum just walking to the bazaar ramadhan. My patient is rely tested today.
The government just announced a new reward scheme for the Beijing Bound athletes:

Gold Medal - 1 Malaysian Million ringgit
Silver Medal - RM300,000
Bronze Medal - RM100,000

This is for sure the biggest reward ever for an achievement in the olympic.But I can't see any athlete capable of winning any medals except for the badminton team especially Lee Chong Wei. Malaysian world number two Lee Chong Wei, has the hopes of a nation resting on his shoulders as the Beijing Olympics approach, and he admits that he is starting to feel the pressure when facing Lin Dan from China in the gold medal match.

Despite being one of sport's powerhouses, Malaysia has never won Olympic gold in badminton before, or in any other sport.But many believe Chong Wei is capable of breaking the jinx and upsetting the Chinese juggernaut, led by world number one Lin Dan and his compatriots Bao Chunlai and Chen Jin.

Before all the athlete going to China, all of them said that "we wil do our best for Malaysia" but after the game started, everyone was weak.

Government confident in rewarding RM1 million because they know that Malaysia athlete can't be able to achieve the target.

what can we do now to expiate our sports dignity in the future?

are we going to hired outsiders athlete for our country?

anyway congratulation to Datuk Lee Chong Wei.